I’m Christie! Welcome to my little corner of the world where I write. Food, beauty, health, travel, life…a mish-mash of everything!

Who am I?

I’m happy. I like making people happy. I’m adventurous, I love to travel and explore and experience new things. I love home. I love my family and I love my friends. I get a buzz from doing things outside my comfort zone.

As cliche as it is, I absolutely believe in YOLO! Amongst my dreams is to live a life full of energy, passion and adventure. Life is a journey, and The Butterfly Editions is a record of that journey, to inspire me – and you!

I absolutely love to travel, explore new places and learn about different cultures & ways of life. In my twenty-something years of life so far I have been lucky enough to explore a lot of the world, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family, and sometimes on my own. I’ve backpacked with my brother through India, been to high school in Spain, partied my way through Vietnam with friends, Volunteered with orphaned children in Thailand, and rollercoastered (yes, I made that word up!) my way through Disneyland in California. I’m always thinking about where I want to go next!

I’m also a qualified Makeup Artist (hence the beauty talk occasionally) with a keen interest in health, nutrition and fitness – most of the time!

Why The Butterfly Editions?

Butterflies are so pretty, don’t you think? I love the symbolism of the butterfly – in ancient Greek the word for “butterfly” also means “mind” or “soul”, and in Japanese culture the butterfly represents a person’s soul. The Butterfly Editions is a little corner of the internet that comes from my soul 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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