NY Times 52 Places to Go in 2014: Christchurch!

Last week, the New York Times published this article on their 52 Places to Go in 2014. 52 – that’s one a week, right?!

I feel lucky to live in #2 on the list: Christchurch!

NYTimes.com Christchurch


What they say about Christchurch…

“Three years after two large earthquakes devastated central Christchurch, the city is experiencing a rebirth with creativity and wit — thanks to the ingenuity of its hardy residents — and is welcoming tourists back again. Though much of the central city has yet to be rebuilt, entrepreneurs and volunteers are finding surprising ways to make temporary use of empty lots and bring life back to the downtown. The Gap Filler program, begun a couple of months after the first quake in September 2010 and expanded after a more destructive second quake in February 2011, has created an open-air performance space made of blue pallets, a dance floor with coin-operated music and lights, and even a nine-hole mini-golf course in vacant lots across the city. The Greening the Rubble campaign has since the 2010 quake been planting temporary gardens on the sites of demolished buildings. To replace the destroyed 19th-century ChristChurch Cathedral, a magnificent transitional church by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban opened in August with sturdy cardboard tubes for the roof. Businesses are also trickling back downtown. One bar, built inside shipping containers, has a name that encapsulates the spirit of the entire city: Revival.”

– Justin Bergman

Christchurch has been hugely impacted by the earthquakes, to an extent that I simply cannot describe in words – but as the article depicts, our city is growing back in such a creative and exciting way!

There are so many places on the list I would love to go. Ummm…how about all 52 of them! But right up there at the top of the list…

 – Ethiopia. It would be so different and interesting and wonderful. Plus, Ethiopian food looks deliciously unique.

– Nashville, Tennessee. “Leather jackets and skinny jeans join cowboy boots.” Yes please!

– Uraguayan Riviera. Doesn’t this sound like perfection? A little bit off the beaten track, a little bit of beach, and a whole lot of amazing.

– Chennai, India. Because I am obsessed with India, I LOVE it. I have only been through the airport in Chennai, I was so disappointed not to be able to explore!

– Krabi, Thailand. One word – glorious!

– Mekong River. I’ve done a day trip in the Mekong Delta before when I was in Vietnam just over a year ago. The sound of a 7 day sailing from Vietnam to Cambodia is utterly tempting!

– Athens, Greece. Where I would eat feta and olives and drink ouzo all day and live happily ever after.

Nepal. Mountains and beauty and wonder and a country I dream of exploring!

Oh lets be honest, I’d like to go everywhere.

What is on your travel wishlist this year? Have you visited any countries on the NY Times list?


2 thoughts on “NY Times 52 Places to Go in 2014: Christchurch!

  1. Christchurch is such a great place. I used to live in New Zealand so I know just how devastating these earthquakes were. It’s amazing to see how the city has come back from it though and the creativity and strength displayed by its citizens has been nothing short of inspirational.

    To answer your question: I’ve visited a few places from the NY Times list but the three places that I’d love to visit on the list would be Nashville, Athens and Belize. Maybe I need to start saving for a round the world trip 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, that’s so cool that you used to live in NZ! Christchurch is definitely making a comeback 🙂

      Looking at that list it’s so hard to decide where you’d like to go the most, isn’t the world so big and exciting and wonderful!!

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